who is this dude

Ben McLaughlin is an Americana artist and producer from Omaha, NE.  A musical lovechild of Neil Young, the Grateful Dead and Blake Mills, McLaughlin serves tender melodies, poetic lyrics, and tasteful guitar playing.  Currently based out of a yurt in the woods near the Cumberland Gap, TN, he is over a decade into his musical journey. 

The devotion to music began when McLaughlin heard Elvis Presley’s “Burnin’ Love” at eight years old. With the acquisition of his first acoustic guitar, he began guitar lessons at age 10 and continued them on and off for six years with the additional help of modern homeschooling methods, YouTube and Spotify. He played guitar in several musical outfits throughout high school, including a classic rock cover band, blues band, choir and theatre productions. McLaughlin organized and directed the first live band to play at his high school’s prom in over 30 years, clear evidence of influencing the community around him. He continued this influence in a folk-rock band with his younger brother, Middle Folk, where the brothers recorded one album together and went on tour for the release. 

McLaughlin attended Loyola University New Orleans where he honed his craft and became an audio engineer while earning a degree in Music Industry Studies. After graduating, he moved into the woods of Harrogate, TN with his partner. He recently built a recording studio in a second yurt and is currently spending his time writing and recording new songs for his first LP. McLaughlin’s newest Extended Single, “On Line,” will be released on all streaming platforms on January 31st in three different forms: a full band version, a one man band (“O.M.B.”) version, and an acoustic take. In addition the ES will feature a B-side called "Lady" and a cover of "She Thinks I Still Care."