Red Moon Studio Prices

Standard Services 


  • Engineer fees: $40/hour
  • Engineer fees with instrument services (guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, minimal mandolin and piano): $60/hour

Production: case-by-case basis - please visit link below and provide more project info in the appropriate section


  • $160/song
  • $450/EP (5 song cap)
  • $900+/LP (depending on # of tracks)


  • $50/song
  • $175/EP (5 song cap)
  •  $400+/LP (depending on # of tracks)

Bundles of Joy

Basic: recording and mixing - $150/song + $40/hour 

The Mix & Master:  $175/song

The One-Stop Shop: record, mix, and master - $175/song + $35/hour      best value

ULTRA: recording, production, musical instrument service, mixing, and mastering - $225/song + $35/hour

***Please note that all prices are negotiable! Red Moon wants to help you create the best art you can. We will gladly discuss financial options that may be best for you.***