1. Lady

From the recording On Line

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It was quite a night for a party
One that had a nip to the air
He walked in gloating and grimy
And spoke of his head so full of hair

He owned the world’s greatest casino
While claiming that his truth had been fair
Never did I once see the like
’Til he held such false conviction in a stare

Oh there he goes he’s killing Lady
Lady in the gown holding the flame
Oh no no don’t kill me Lady
Or I’ll do my damndest to forget your name

He’ll grab you by the…hook of his stories
And reel in the minds of easy turns
Wouldn’t be seen as a gardener
But wanted to fertilize beneath his ferns

All that’s grown is the tension in the evening
Evil tends to dance in larger rooms
He saw with one good eye the look of Lady
And pictured what he would soon do


The choir sang songs meant for dancing
While he carried out several dark deeds
With pockets wide and a mouth full of treason
He found a way to turn want into need

The drinks were drunk until the morning
The mansion had but cleared of useless spheres
A knife is held up to the throat of Lady
And he’s got here tied up by both of her ears


The screams had them woken from their slumbers
Soon kicking in the door where she did lay
Give credit to the temporary soldiers
Who found the needle and then burned down the hay

Needless worry surrounds the frenzy
Eternalized removal of a king
The joker now sits still in prison
And the jester had forgotten how to sing